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Smarter, Greener Cities
Today, town budgets are under siege of energy costs, decrease emissions of greenhouse gases and the correct disposal of waste. All from a projected infrastructure in the last century or even before it.

We can help you!

Romlux Lighting is a pioneer in converting electric utilities in smart grid by monitoring in real time, by controlling electricity consumption and reducing energy consumption used in lighting. We help municipalities from all over the country to benefit from higher quality services at a lower price, however, generating a reduced footprint of CO2 emissions.

This is RLX promise. Are you ready to try it?
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NCH Advisors Inc. is the largest investor in Romania, with investments of over 300 million $, present in Romania since 1996.
It is a minority and a majority shareholder in over 300 Romanian companies from various sectors. Of the companies in which it is a majority shareholder we can mention: the IT companies (Netbridge), brokerage firms (Active International), banks (LibraBank), food companies (Vel Pitar), industrial profile companies operating in the production or services (Anticorosiv, Spiact, Electroaparataj, Sudarec, Ipromet Energoutilaj), real estate (United Capital).

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